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Christoph Atteneder notifications at github.com
Tue Jun 8 09:38:49 CEST 2021

> > If it is just re-using the jpackage mac signing params than it might not work.
> It might not. If it doesn't we could fork it and add what it needed to make it work , doing all the packaging tasks in java.
> Here is the pulgin's gradle task with all the configurable properties: https://github.com/petr-panteleyev/jpackage-gradle-plugin/blob/master/src/main/java/org/panteleyev/jpackage/JPackageTask.java
> Here are the mac os (signing) related `jpackage` params. They would be set in the build file's jpackage-plugin config:
> ```
>       // OS X specific parameters    
>       private String macPackageIdentifier;    
>       private String macPackageName;    
>       private String macPackageSigningPrefix;    
>       private boolean macSign;    
>       private String macSigningKeychain;    
>       private String macSigningKeyUserName;
> ```
> ```
>       if (isMac()) {
>         addParameter(parameters, "--mac-package-identifier", macPackageIdentifier);            
>         addParameter(parameters, "--mac-package-name", macPackageName);            
>         addParameter(parameters, "--mac-package-signing-prefix", macPackageSigningPrefix);            
>         addParameter(parameters, "--mac-sign", macSign);            
>         addParameter(parameters, "--mac-signing-key-user-name", macSigningKeyUserName);            
>         addFileParameter(parameters, "--mac-signing-keychain", macSigningKeychain);        
>       } 
> ```
> Does it look like the OS X config params are missing something Bisq's `desktop/package/package.gradle` needs?

The problem was not with those parameters (they are sufficient), but when we uploaded the signed binary for notarization it failed because of specific signing requirements that were not met, which we had to do manually. Maybe this is fixed in Java 16 OpenJDK already as we use Java 15 right now.

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