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Fri Jun 11 00:37:10 CEST 2021

As we want to have only one global offerbook (not buy/sell side) we cannot use the ask or bid side for the table colums as there is none if the user has diabled the currency filter. Instead we should use the base currency/quote currency distinction.
We also support altcoin-altcoin and fiat-fiat exchange so its gets also more tricky to define whats the base currency.

The base currency is the one one the left side of the price quote [1]. The quote currency the one on the right side.
E.g. BTC/USD means BTC is the base currency and USD the quote currency. You get the amount stated in the quote for 1 unit of the base currency (BTC), e.g. 50 000 USD for 1 BTC. The confusing thing is that they use the slash and people interpret it as division and then it would be the other way round (50000 USD/BTC)...

So if we use the base currency and quote currency as table columns we can support any currency pair also EUR/USD and USD/EUR - the users will define whats the base currency for those pairs where it is not a clear consensus.

I am not sure about the best term to use as `base currency` and `quote currency` might be not that well known.
Having base and quote currencies we can use the layout used in the create offer as well: 
`base currency x price = quote currency` so the table columns can be:
`| base currency | price | quote currency |`

I am aware that the ask and bid would be more user-centric but as it does not cover the case when no currency for ask/bid are selected I think its not the right model.

[1] https://www.investopedia.com/terms/b/basecurrency.asp

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