[bisq-network/bisq] Offerbook UX (#5566)

chimp1984 notifications at github.com
Fri Jun 11 20:37:56 CEST 2021

We want to support any trade types like EUR to USD or GRIN-BEAM. In those cases it is not clear what is the base curreny and how to quote the price. Is it EUR/USD or USD/EUR? Answer is both are valid and the user has to define it then. But all that makes the current concept with BUY and SELL invalid as there is no "money" for a "commodity" situation anymore as it is when you exchange fiat to BTC or altcoin to BTC as in Bisq now.
Usually the dominant currency is considered the quote currency - that what you consider the money side. Fiat in case of BTC/Fiat and BTC in case of Altcoin/BTC. But when yu trade fiat/fiat or altcoin/altcoin it becomes less clear.

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