[bisq-network/bisq-docs] Decommission docs.bisq.network in favor of bisq.wiki (#210)

Chris Beams notifications at github.com
Tue Jun 15 06:45:36 CEST 2021

>From private Keybase chat on Jun 14:

@m52go wrote:
> now that v1.6.5 has been out for a while, i think we can shut down docs.bisq.network.
> is this something you can do in netlify? i assume it should just be a matter of flipping a switch in their interface.
> it might also be good to redirect all requests to the docs subdomain to the wiki (docs.bisq.network/* --> bisq.wiki)

@cbeams wrote:
> Will do. Will just do the redirect for now (via Cloudflare) and will shut off Netlify later. It doesn’t cost us anything, no harm in leaving it up. 

@m52go wrote:
> sounds good. i think the only other factor to consider is that the search engines may continue to index and show docs.bisq.network results (especially google) as long as the site is online, which can be problematic because there's some outdated information on there. but i guess with a redirect in place anyway it may not matter too much.

@cbeams wrote:
> correct. with the redirect in place, search engines will no longer be able to index the content (formerly) at docs.bisq.network. The content will remain available at bisq-network-docs.netlify.com, but that url is not referenced anywhere.

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