[bisq-network/bisq] Add Capitual payment method (#5501)

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Wed Jun 16 05:51:50 CEST 2021

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> @@ -3466,7 +3467,7 @@ payment.amazonGiftCard.info=To pay with Amazon eGift Card, you will need to send
   - try to use creative, believable text for the gift card''s message (e.g., "Happy birthday Susan!") along with the trade ID (and use trader chat \
   to tell your trading peer the reference text you picked so they can verify your payment)\n\
   - Amazon eGift Cards can only be redeemed on the Amazon website they were purchased on (e.g., a gift card purchased on amazon.it can only be redeemed on amazon.it)
+payment.capitual.info=Include any special instructions for the payment method that both buyer and seller might need to be aware of

FYI this line actually shows in the software...it should probably be removed.

![Screenshot from 2021-06-15 23-48-32](https://user-images.githubusercontent.com/735155/122155243-921e1b80-ce34-11eb-8b20-e8f60cbd6106.png)

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