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Mon Jun 21 02:40:38 CEST 2021

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### Description

Users in Argentina and Lebanon effectively unable to use Bisq as price controls in their countries mean the difference between the official and unofficial exchange rate exceeds >50%.

Looking at [How to run a Bisq price relay node](https://docs.bisq.network/exchange/howto/run-price-relay-node.html) it would appear Bisq uses the [BitcoinAverage](https://bitcoinaverage.com/) API for fiat prices. The prices on Bitcoin average are the official currency rates.

As both Argentina and Lebanon have foreign currency controls in place. The difference between the official and unofficial rate is 60% for Argentina and 280% for Lebanon.

Bisq limits offers to buy/sell BTC to be a max deviation of 50% from the market price. Unfortunately as this market price is the official rate it effectively prevents users in these countries trading on Bisq.

I think it is important for Bisq to enable users in all countries to be able to trade on Bisq. I think it is especially important to allow users to trade on Bisq where there are current currency controls in place and/or their currency in a state of crisis.

#### Version


### Steps to reproduce

Check the price feeds on the Bisq app for Argentina and Lebanon they use the official rates.

Rate of USD in Argentina / Argentine Peso 
Difference between offical and unofficial is 60%

Rate of USD in Lebanon / Lebanese Pound
Difference between official and unofficial is 280%

### Expected behaviour

Remove the max deviation of 50% for currencies with capital controls in place i.e a large percentage difference between official and unofficial rates. 

This would allow users in those countries to place buy and sell offers that are economic and likely to be taken.

### Actual behaviour

Users in Argentina and Lebanon unable to use Bisq due to the difference in official/unofficial exchange rates being uneconomical

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