[bisq-network/bisq] Tooltip for unsigned accounts needs to provide more information (#5569)

Christoph Atteneder notifications at github.com
Tue Jun 22 17:15:37 CEST 2021

@ripcurlx requested changes on this pull request.

NACK - Please see my comments.

Additionally I recognized following issues:

![Bildschirmfoto 2021-06-22 um 17 02 13](https://user-images.githubusercontent.com/170962/122949761-3562b980-d37c-11eb-8aa5-ccca95f69a7b.png)

- Based on the designs by @pedromvpg the title should be bold.
- Right now it is not possible to click on the learn more link as it is hidden as soon as you try to hover over the tooltip.
- It would be great to add the suggestion by @pedromvpg `Also the user should be told how many days are left after the first signing.` as well.

![Bildschirmfoto 2021-06-22 um 17 12 55](https://user-images.githubusercontent.com/170962/122950914-2597a500-d37d-11eb-9241-1c1a625e2e5d.png)

It would be good to use the same tooltip in the accounts section as well.

Besides that everything is looking promising :smile:

> +    public AccountStatusTooltipLabel(OfferBookListItem.WitnessAgeData witnessAgeData,
+                                     CoinFormatter formatter) {
+        super(witnessAgeData.getDisplayString());
+        this.witnessAgeData = witnessAgeData;
+        this.textIcon = FormBuilder.getIcon(witnessAgeData.getIcon());
+        this.popupTitle = witnessAgeData.isLimitLifted()
+                ? Res.get("offerbook.timeSinceSigning.tooltip.accountLimitLifted")
+                : Res.get("offerbook.timeSinceSigning.tooltip.accountLimit", formatter.formatCoinWithCode(OfferRestrictions.TOLERATED_SMALL_TRADE_AMOUNT));
+        positionAndActivateIcon();
+    }
+    private void positionAndActivateIcon() {
+        textIcon.setOpacity(0.4);
+        textIcon.getStyleClass().add("tooltip-icon");
+        textIcon.setOnMouseEntered(e -> popoverWrapper.showPopOver(() -> createPopOver()));

        textIcon.setOnMouseEntered(e -> popoverWrapper.showPopOver(this::createPopOver));

> +        learnMoreLink.setOnAction((e) -> {
+            GUIUtil.openWebPage("https://bisq.wiki/Account_limits");
+        });

        learnMoreLink.setOnAction((e) -> GUIUtil.openWebPage("https://bisq.wiki/Account_limits"));

> @@ -354,6 +354,14 @@ offerbook.timeSinceSigning.info.signer=signed by peer and can sign peer accounts
 offerbook.timeSinceSigning.info.banned=account was banned
 offerbook.timeSinceSigning.daysSinceSigning={0} days
 offerbook.timeSinceSigning.daysSinceSigning.long={0} since signing
+offerbook.timeSinceSigning.tooltip.accountLimit=Account limit: {0}
+offerbook.timeSinceSigning.tooltip.accountLimitLifted=Account limit lifted
+offerbook.timeSinceSigning.tooltip.info.unsigned=This account hasn't been signed yet
+offerbook.timeSinceSigning.tooltip.info.signed=This account has been signed
+offerbook.timeSinceSigning.tooltip.info.signedAndLifted=This account has been signed and can sign peer accounts
+offerbook.timeSinceSigning.tooltip.checkmark.buyBtc=but BTC from a signed account

offerbook.timeSinceSigning.tooltip.checkmark.buyBtc=buy BTC from a signed account

> @@ -31,6 +31,10 @@
     -fx-text-fill: -bs-rd-error-red;
+.text-gray-ddd {

I think it is better not to include specific color codes in the css class name as it might be different colors in different themes.

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