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Wed Sep 1 18:57:36 CEST 2021

## Support call 2021-09-01
### Topics

 1. Development:

     1. [SUGGESTION] How can we improve the UI?
Reach out to pedro 
what are the current suggestions for improvement?
what needs to be done for new coiners to use bisq?

 2. Mobile App:

      -Devin, can we have an update on the already existing app?  
      -Add buttons to go from step 1 to stage 2

3. Add more payment methods (Paxful has +400) 

4. Add top 5 altcoins in volume (start with Tether)

5. for mediators:

      -Have XMR users give feedback. Through Keybase and mediation dispute.
      -For all support calls have an update of all cases that are still open. And what bugs need to be solved.
      -Read conza's suggestions: https://github.com/bisq-network/bisq/discussions/5271#discussioncomment-1217952

6. Current 0.25 BTC limit for fiat trades, could we increase it?
7. Monero traders activate the auto-confirm on their settings.

8. Better marketing in Developing countries where CEX are banned? (Venezuela, Nigeria, China...)

9. Bugs:
**Biggest drivers for people to leave bisq:**
- Locked funds (Bitcoinj problem)
- Chat messages not going through

**- Topics for next call:**
1. Monero Feedback on what can be better. (communicate the auto-confirm tool)
2. Mediator's comment on the weekly disputes.

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