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## Dev call 2021-09-03
### Topics

    - Introduction:

       What are Bisq's top Priorities?
We all agree on [Misq](https://github.com/bisq-network/misq)/Bisq's 2.0 long-term vision. for that to happen, we need the right developers with enough experience on this area. Bisq contributors should do all they can to attract the right talent.

With this in mind, these are Bisq's top priorities in the short-term:

 **1. Tor. v3:**

- we have @ripcurlx and @sqrrm working on this as the top priority.
- October 15th is the date v2 is disabled so we have to fix it before then

**2. API**

- @ghubstan is in charge of this. The goal is to finish a full working API, with the objective of creating trading bots and improve liquidity. 
- What help do you need to reduce the time of this task? once the tor v3 task is finished It is my assumption that Christoph and Sq will help you with this.

**3. Messaging Problem**

- Some messages aren't going through, the reason is yet unclear.
- Currently no one is assigned to this, Mediator's will continue to send logs to @jmaczx to try and get to the bottom of this.

**4. Mobile app**

- @devinbileck Is the current maintainer of the existing mobile app. The goal is to improve it by enabling it to have more options (move a trade from stage 2 to 3). For that, it seems it will have to be redone from scratch. Devin is unaware of the time he will have available to get this done, which is why he has committed to create a proposal for other developers to take over under his lead.

**5.  UX**

- @flybylow created a prototype for misq https://github.com/bisq-network/projects/issues/57
- @pazza has some great ideas, No one is assigned yet, feel free to put ideas out there.
- Pedro has also amazing concepts. 
_Once again the idea is to make small changes to the existing app that require low effort and that can potentially improve the overall user experience. Enabling new coiners to use bisq as they would use any other high volume exchange._

**7.  XMR**

- Monero is our most traded altcoin, we should learn as much as possible and make sure we are doing what we can to attract as many users. these are the main complaints so far that users have reached out to us for:

1. If the auto-confirm is not activated, some sellers never respond and that can entail to having their funds locked for days. (are they all aware that they can activate this tool on settings?)
2. If the trade were to go to mediation, users have to write down their tx id and tx key to the mediator which is an annoying.
3. Given that trading on Bisq is tantamount to routinely checking if somebody hasn't lowered the price below your level it would be nice to have an option to one-click decresase or increase the offer price by 0.01% instead of manually entering the deviation when editing the offer.

**6.  Payment methods**

- Perhaps won't be a huge driver of volume but if it's a low hanging fruit we should improve.
@pazza I believe you are on this. How many payment methods do you plan on implementing in the next 2 months? what help do you need with this?

**7.  Adding Tether**

- There were mixed feelings about this one, while it probably won't mean an instant rise in volume, It requires low effort and it's the altcoin with the highest trade volume in the market right now.

**- Topics for next call:**

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