[bisq-network/projects] Dev Call - Priorities (#60)

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Sat Sep 4 21:09:19 CEST 2021

>> 2. API > What help do you need to reduce the time of this task?

@ripcurlx has been using the api for personal stuff and that helps with testing.  @sqrrm has done all of the api reviews.  It will help if he continues.  They both have their own chores, so I'm not hoping they can take on much more than in the past.  Other devs said I was making steady progress before api work was put on hold.  I think I can return to that speed again pretty soon.

A fully functional api containing most/all features of UI is a long term task, and involves some refactoring (indirectly related to api, and not visible to end-users) to avoid duplicating code.  No ETA on delivering the "finished" api.  And adding some trading bots to the release is something I want to do, but we have to be cautious about it.  Up till now, the consensus was to let end users build and run their own bots at their own risk. It sounded kind of straight-forward and easy in the dev call, but much more discussion and prototyping is required. 

In the short term, I'm making sure the api will support creating swift payment accounts soon after @jmacxx's [PR](https://github.com/bisq-network/bisq/pull/5672) is merged.  I have it working in a local copy of his branch, and have asked him to review the swift account json-form (api analog to the ui's swift acct form).

I intend to start work on XMR <-> BTC trading w/ api tomorrow or Monday (06-Sept).

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