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> +payment.swift.info=Please make sure to include as much information as possible for SWIFT payments. Not all the information \
+may be required for some payments, however as SWIFT is international you will not know from which country your offer is \
+taken and therefore, what information is needed. As such please provide as much information to make the process as smooth \
+as possible. \n\
+Most banks charge fees for sending and receiving SWIFT payments. Bisq requires BTC Buyers to send SWIFT payments using \
+the shared fee model (SHA). If you send a payment using another mode for example Beneficiary pays fees (BEN) you will \
+likely be penalized. Therefore, please take care to select the correct fee model when sending payment. \n\
+SWIFT payments require more information than any other payment method on Bisq. Please ensure you communicate with your \
+trading peer effectively and promptly to ensure a smooth trading experience for all. As is the case for all payment \
+methods please do leave any reference blank. If a reference is required please use your 'Account Owner Name'.

payment.swift.info=Carefully review the core guidelines for using SWIFT on Bisq:\n\
- fill all fields completely and accurately \n\
- buyers must send payment in currency specified by the offer maker \n\
- buyers must use the shared fee model (SHA) \n\
- buyers and sellers may incur fees, so they should check their bank's fee schedules beforehand \n\
SWIFT is more sophisticated than other payment methods, so please take a moment to review the full guidance on the wiki [HYPERLINK:https://bisq.wiki/SWIFT].

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