[bisq-network/projects] Dev Call - Priorities (#60)

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Fri Sep 10 21:38:44 CEST 2021

## Dev call 2021-09-10
### Topics

**1. Devin's Proposal**

- @devinbileck 's mobile improvement proposal https://github.com/bisq-network/proposals/issues/342 

hybrid app development approach, a single codebase that could support both, Swift app for IOS and java for android.
Possible developer candidate reached out.

concerns from Christoph: too many dependencies, is it easy to do an audit? potential security issue?

**2. API**

@ghubstan : Update:  about 3/4 done with work to support XMR/BTC trading pair in API. 

**3.How can we attract more developers?**
bisq is not running like a business so it's hard to hire people as if it were a business.

Stan: Maybe we could narrow down the search for web UI devs.   I can build a webapp over the core-api, and server Json. 
What could convince me to work on Bisq (beyond interesting content of the work) is confidence in the core devs' integrity (not scammers), and that I will be able to pay the bills.  Not necessarily a guaranteed paycheck, but a high level of confindence I will earn enough ducats to live on if my work is being accepted.

Also a consistent road-map... not too many detours on new projects that get suddenly dropped.  I know it can't be helped sometimes.  But detours should be taken thoughtfully. 

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