[bisq-network/roles] Arbitrator (formerly known as Refund Agent) (#93)

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Mon Sep 13 22:16:56 CEST 2021

Ticket closed on Sep 13 2021
Arbitrator node address: 3z5jnirlccgxzoxc6zwkcgwj66bugvqplzf6z2iyd5oxifiaorhnanqd.onion:9999

Currency: USD
Trade amount: 0.0077
Security deposit: 0.00261723
Payout amount for BTC buyer: 0.01031723
Payout amount for BTC seller: 0.00261723

Maker tx id: 76f0f58e3e597301b0df07f7f72d9c32b5a25baad663ea03ce47feca13abcd7a
Taker tx id: 5be4e4c6564afdb3401fc8ab871ddf8e1a4c44593b3537b23b0bac3845fb6b7b
Deposit  tx id: abd152d2bc270a744c97ca5a8a609ca81bb9667333ed63451ecb70ae3f31b07c
Delayed payout tx id: 2c580bc1ccbdd1412c83b22585ee7f6ee9a44cfe5c8c20f25c8ae7ccaf1c93b7
Delayed payout sent to: 34VLFgtFKAtwTdZ5rengTT2g2zC99sWQLC

Reason for dispute: Other

Summary notes: Trade arbitrated through Keybase. Buyer sent logs to mediator, seller did contact arbitrator a litle late. Mediation was opened because buyer's Zelle account was under two names and only one of them was displayed (same family name, different name).
Both parties verified owning the addresses used for this contract.
The payout is the same as for mediation suggestion as buyer was very responsive and collaborative and provided proof that mediation was accepted on its side.

Arbitration ticket closed through reimbursement at TX: 3ff1a77ed4d08b17018d24dd9bc65543f4b4533462a09861ef49b842bf2ffee2

BTC address ownership proof (use ctrl+G to sign/verify):

Message: "Trade ID: PDPCJYFF"
Key: "bc1qa90683hwp5ls4z86p493nm858e2hz7t6rqw2q5"
Signature: "H5CZPw1m8jFANb6gWA1VL+RMB5x4iErlBzxrV4tbevFRFexVzGj5MVCuRjhZu9iCKVOB6MJQMYT6iWqf0WoLLFg="

Message: "PDPCJYFF"
Address: "bc1q42jcx8qxyqzl0gnxyfsewdk58eus2j4puxnxp0"
Signature: "IKsoxl5oCY9ym4aP/lz28jj8HZ+fyD02zneZTqP0f4YRdLFjq+rFGzZDiB6SWOYS3OwinWZ4r+AqrmL+1WI6shk="

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