[bisq-network/growth] Creating a German-only Bisq account on Twitter to reach the growing German-speaking audience (#249)

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Mon Sep 13 23:18:04 CEST 2021

## Learning Goal/Objective
As [I have already stated on Keybase](keybase://chat/bisq#growth/4627), I want to initiate the creation of a German-only Bisq Twitter account. There are around 130 Million German-speaking people out there and as we all know, the SEPA markets are one of the biggest on Bisq.

The goal of this project is to gain more attention from German-speaking Bitcoiners. 
The [spanish account](https://twitter.com/BisqEs) sets an example for a successfull local Bisq account, interacting with users and ensuring engagement.

## Hypothesis
Due to the fact that the European Union wants to ["make Bitcoin traceable and ban anonymous crypto wallets in anti-money laundering drive"](https://www.euronews.com/next/2021/07/21/eu-will-make-bitcoin-traceable-and-ban-anonymous-crypto-wallets-in-anti-money-laundering-d), Bisq can become a very important and useful application for EU-inhabitants. Trade offers for sells and buys are already quiet stable, newly created offers (with acceptable %-deviations) are getting accepted pretty fast.

Furthermore there is a rapidly growing German-speaking Bitcoin community - and I am not talking about interest for Shitcoins:
- [Blocktrainer](https://www.youtube.com/c/Blocktrainer), one of the biggest Bitcoin-only (I'd say so, as their focus is 99% on Bitcoin) just hit 90k followers on Youtube, their forum & platform is growing and the total reach increased massively. There is a [great guide an description for Bisq](https://www.blocktrainer.de/bisq-bitcoin-exchange/) on their blog, one of the top results on Google. +4800 members on Telegram.
- [Einundzwanzig community](https://einundzwanzig.space/) (originally a Podcast, now a huge union of toxic maximalists) is exploding, they are all getting more and more present on Twitter. +1500 members on Telegram.
- Bitcoiners are discussing Bitcoin with important (& unimportant) politicians on podcasts, videos and interviews.
- All the major investment influencers have covered Bitcoin as an investment vehicle. [Finanzfluss ](https://www.youtube.com/c/Finanzfluss), the biggest one, also mentioned Bisq in a video with over 500k views (I reported on Keybase 8 months ago). 
- The "Greater fools" and "Bitcoin is made of thin air" argument is nearly gone, just being propagated by clueless Boomers at this point.

I also want to mention the [ongoing problems](https://forum.blocktrainer.de/t/bitpanda-erfahrungen/4459/69) with long-known exchanges like Bitpanda (based in Austria) due to [AML5 ](https://ec.europa.eu/info/law/anti-money-laundering-amld-v-directive-eu-2018-843_en) laws. Bitpanda and other european exchanges are shutting down accounts, locking up funds, want you to verify the ownership of BTC wallets (via screenshots, lol) and asking for the origin of your funds.

## Experiment Design
Through consistent contribution, entertaining content and useful tweets it is definitely possible to build a loyal follower base which results in more trading activity.

## Resource Estimation and Probability
Of course I'd be happy if someone joins my project as I won't have the time to be active 24/7. However, I definitely have the capacity for a few tweets per week + retweets like simple translations of the main Bisq account. We shouldn't spam on this account, partnerships with Shitcoiners are prohibited and useless arguments should be avoided. It's for informational purposes only: Answering questions, providing value and updating about Bisq.

I'd be happy to do this voluntary and also pay the costs for the phone number you need for Twitter (just a few bucks). I'll also sponsor a few raffles here and there but of course it would be highly appreciated if the DAO can provide a small marketing budget for raffles and sponsorships.

Sponsorships I can think of:
- Shoutouts @ [Einundzwanzig community](https://einundzwanzig.space/) podcast (cost 21k sats).
- Give-Away @ [Einundzwanzig community](https://einundzwanzig.space/) podcast.
- Raffles on [Blocktrainer forum.](https://forum.blocktrainer.de/)
- BSQ or BTC give-aways on Twitter
- ...

## Results
I'll definitely do some reporting on the growth of the newly created Twitter account.
Useful KPIs can be Engagement as likes, replies & retweets and growing follower numbers. 
To give you an overview on what's going on, once per month should be enough.

Metrics can also be DE & AT trading activities (although I think this is not that meaningful).

## Learnings

## Action Items

## Additional suggestion
If you agree that this project should be launched, I'd suggest that I bond 300 BSQ (for obvious reasons). As soon as I cede the control over the account, I'll receive the funds back. I think it is also fair to say that anyone who joins this project, also bonds 300 BSQ.

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