[bisq-network/bisq] Improve japanese bank branch validation (#5694)

Liisachan notifications at github.com
Tue Sep 14 13:17:03 CEST 2021

What's significant is the 2nd commit c781394dbbd44742eb50ec4f83cb638a2fc7a0a4. It's so simple, no regression seems possible. The 3rd commit 4d62136d6218d4785bc678bf10daf22c4d85f960 is even more trivial, like just improving comments.

The 1st commit 851ef0781209db66a813c9446c4859c1136d7bda is less transparent, but after hiding whitespace changes, I see there are only 2 actual edits:
1) `import java.util.HashMap;` and `import bisq.core.locale.Country;` deleted.
2) `new ArrayList<String>();` -> `new ArrayList<>();`

I guess 1 is simply unused "include"s, and 2 is something like `auto` in C++? Idk, a real Java programmer can review this.

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