[bisq-network/proposals] Develop a fully featured cross-platform graphical user interface to the Bisq network supporting mobile, desktop, and web clients (#342)

Devin Bileck notifications at github.com
Wed Sep 15 09:31:47 CEST 2021

The choice of framework/language is tricky as we either utilize native languages to develop apps for each platform - which gives the best performance/UX but increases the amount of work, or we implement a hybrid approach - which reduces the amount of work but potentially at the cost of reduced performance/UX. With our limited development resources, I don't think it is feasible to maintain separate code bases for each platform and is vital that we reuse as much code as we can. Also, I think it is important to consider how easy it will be to attract contributors to the project based on the framework/language - which is why a common Javascript base would likely make the most sense as it is well known and allow us to support all platforms.

> I think the first prototype could/should be a simple rewrite of the current mobile notification app.

Good suggestion. It will be a good learning experience and allow us to see if the chosen framework will work for us. I can simplify milestone 1 to just implement push notifications.

> I'm against any toolset that is just using a webview as a shell and the whole app is a pure website.

Fair enough, I trust your experience and judgement. I think your suggestion regarding a React/ReactNative approach sounds like a good compromise.

> So I think we should focus first on mobile and move from there to other platforms.

I agree. We need to ensure that we are capable of supporting all platforms from the beginning though.

> I'm skeptical that a mobile app that needs to connect to the desktop software (as it is now) can expand the user base

> 1. ability to run bisq on rpi / umbrel / etc (enable growth in established markets)

As far as I know, we currently have a headless app which can be used with the API. Though I am not sure it currently runs on an rpi, we could focus effort to get it running and that would address these points.

> 2. ability to run bisq on mobile in some self-contained way (enable growth in emerging markets)

This potentially could be done on Android using the existing Bisq code base. However is not possible on iOS without a rewrite into a supporting language - like was started with the Risq (Rust) project.

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