[bisq-network/bisq] Let API user set currencies in some payment account json forms (#5685)

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Thu Sep 16 14:17:10 CEST 2021

@ghubstan commented on this pull request.

> +        else if (account.hasPaymentMethodWithId(UPHOLD_ID))
+            return getTradeCurrenciesInList(currencyCodes, getAllUpholdCurrencies());
+        else
+            return Optional.empty();
+    }
+    private boolean didReadSelectedTradeCurrencyField(JsonReader in,
+                                                      PaymentAccount account,
+                                                      String fieldName) {
+        if (fieldName.equals("selectedTradeCurrency")) {
+            String fieldValue = nextStringOrNull(in);
+            if (fieldValue != null && !fieldValue.isEmpty()) {
+                Optional<TradeCurrency> tradeCurrency = getTradeCurrency(fieldValue.toUpperCase());
+                if (tradeCurrency.isPresent()) {
+                    account.setSelectedTradeCurrency(tradeCurrency.get());
+                } else {

If the json field is not defined, it can't be read.   If it is defined, it is always read.

`if (fieldName.equals("selectedTradeCurrency")) ` fails, this method needs to return false so the calling read loop does not  `continue` to the next json field.  

Look at `PaymentAccount read(JsonReader in)`  [Line 215-254]:

If `didReadSelectedTradeCurrencyField()` returns false, the `currentFieldName` might be read in `didReadCommonField()` or `didReadCountryField()`. 

If `didReadSelectedTradeCurrencyField()` returns true, the `currentFieldName` cannot be read in `didReadCommonField()` or `didReadCountryField()`. 

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