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Fri Sep 17 20:42:42 CEST 2021

## Cycle 28
This is my second cycle as a L1 support agent.

Following a summary of the cases I had during my shifts (not so much actually):
- Issue with Offer timeout & Can't see own offer in the offer book -> Related to not having upgraded TOR (keybase://chat/bisq#general/29508)
- Btc seller funding tx was not even present in the mempool (TradeID: zaaaydle-5c14e925-970d-470e-94da-1781a03e0180-170) -> Manual payout if both party agree or suggest an arbitration. If trade is closed found who is the mediator and broadcasted the delayed payout transaction id
- Withdraw tx not in the mempool but funds are gone -> Try SPV Resync (https://bisq.wiki/Resyncing_SPV_file)
- User with Bisq not loading -> Bisq upgrade
- Arbitrary SEPA Reference inserted -> Suggest mediation to receive the penalty amount
- Funds locked -> Trying to clear the wallet directory and re-import from Bisq seedphrase, support in progress

I have also joined all the weekly support calls.

Thanks for this opportunity!

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