[bisq-network/proposals] Develop a fully featured cross-platform graphical user interface to the Bisq network supporting mobile, desktop, and web clients (#342)

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Fri Sep 17 20:58:54 CEST 2021

> Thanks for the info. I had not heard of KMM but it sounds pretty promising and should be able to meet our needs. I think implementing a PoC would allow us to determine if it is the right approach for us.

The main downside is that you cannot use java libraries, which adds quite some limitation if one consider a longer term goal for a more complex application (e.g. like bringing more Bisq features into it). 

I guess long term GraalVM could become the major option as there Oracle puts lot of effort into it, but hard to say when that will become usable for real world apps. MOE is also targeting SubstrateVM (used by GraalVM) and have gave up on their approach to use Android ART.

A completely different approach could be to keep the client really super thin (UI) and find a way to deploy dedicated server apps. Blockstreams Greenlight is going in that direction (Lightning node service which gets on demand deployed when the user needs it, designed in a way to give max. privacy and security in the given constraints).

Or to hope that Apple give up some day their shitty politics and allow VMs to run on iOS. Otherwise they risk that powerful mobile devices get degraded back to dumb terminals. To maintain 2 different code bases for larger, complex applications is just too cumbersome, risky and expensive for most.

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