[bisq-network/roles] Arbitrator (formerly known as Refund Agent) (#93)

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Sat Sep 18 18:16:52 CEST 2021

Ticket closed on Sep 18th 21
Arbitrator node address: 3z5jnirlccgxzoxc6zwkcgwj66bugvqplzf6z2iyd5oxifiaorhnanqd.onion:9999

Summary: Arbitration handled through Keybase. BTC seller confirmed the reception of the payment but a bug made the payout tx fail. Buyer contacted mediator a couple weeks later and they manually published the delayed payout and proceeded to the reimbursement. 30% of seller's security deposit are not reimbursed because there is a high chance that seller comes back claiming the funds as he already confirmed receiving the funds in mediation.

Trade ID: zaaaydle
Currency: EUR
Trade amount: 0.02
Security deposit: 0.005
Payout amount for BTC buyer: 0.0285
Payout amount for BTC seller: 0

Maker: 8f48be3710f9b7488777032cb8f5807f918373ca91a9e7b7025198f094b3a7a9
Taker: b76a451e9ae7cffd2495de70f4049967c598a409aa85a19b59d6fca0aca4d714
Deposit: b7c5fce23e8b88eb9caacfd7b12fc868e7a755833b0873b0e81d4fdaa75182d0
Delayed payout: 3ce0a1c05a9a476a97027650ce74289796da6e90dfdf6a998c83a8ba05508ead

Reason for dispute: Bug
Arbitration ticket closed through reimbursement at TX: 400f325fb7e80da246aa2e9504ea442279a8f1dc78c333fb4000423dc0c3fdbc

BTC address ownership proof (use ctrl+G to sign/verify):
Message:"Reimbursement for BTC buyer for trade zaaaydle."

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