[bisq-network/support] Fee reimbursement for trade 29502033 (#1005)

Crazyrph notifications at github.com
Mon Sep 20 04:22:23 CEST 2021

Hello - I am new to Bisq. I accepted a trade and was waiting for blockchain confirmation and the power went out on my laptop and my Tails session was lost. Therefore, the open trades screen does not reflect the trade and is empty. The only information I can provide is the Bisq trade ID, who I sent it to and details about the trade. My main quesiton is how can I get the trade to appear in Bisq again so I can complete it? If this is not possible can any reimbursement be made or can you complete the trade for me somehow? The BTC was confirmed now on the blockchain. I have attached a screen shot below where the 2nd trade listed is mine. 

Bisq trade ID: 29502033
To: bc1qvyqj5nwk2nptv3hr8n2nwa9jd5e3x5e3x5lzfsgg3c
Makers onion is: d3rivfps5fdzwkkwnazlfeefl4plc637paowf7q42atzrapfehwjkwid.onion:9999
Blockchain Trans ID: b5b2f4f3d6dd6a72f623da26c8215464416db9251ee8b140e4bad9231159b7b1
Date 9/19/2021
Time 21:06 
Amount of btc: 0.0016199
Block 701334
My onion: omwliu4x3kyylrk2lj3nlbioq4ys5oi2bdu7lsaq7sgwepbvoyxle7yd.onion:9999


Thanks for your help. 

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