[bisq-network/roles] L1 Support Agent (#64)

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Tue Sep 21 13:40:22 CEST 2021

## Cycle 28

- Been available on Keybase from 7:30pm - 9:30pm Monday to Sunday. But active all day answering messages. 

- Assisted numerous users with fee reimbursements, failed trades, unable to confirm and funds shown as locked even after doing a resync. 

- Been in constant communication with devs when issues occur.

- Weekly support Calls, all took place this cycle except 1.

the main BUGS for this cycle are:

**- Banking Issues**

Banks not accepting payments, Monthly payment limit allowed, Making a payment from the wrong account.

**- Messages not arriving to peer**

It seems it has to do with the Hibernating mode, currently preparing a fix to solve this.

**- Funds showing as locked when the trade fails**: SPV resync doesn't always fix this, when this happens the easiest is to delete the ClosedTrades and FailedTrades files in the db folder.

**- BTC seller being unable to confirm that they received the payment or stuck in stage 2.:**

This issue has been fixed for the most part, all problems with users not being able to move from stage 2 to 3 have to do with the payment period having expired

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