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Tue Jul 31 10:12:22 UTC 2018

### 2018.07 Report

I survey : the discourse forum, the slack (all channels), github, freenode, and reddit.
I tried to reduce as much as possible the answering delay for the questions, because I think this is useful in helping the usability of Bisq. A great part of the first support is reassuring users, before detailing technical points. Users know they are not alone.
I’m formally present 07:00-20:00 GMT. The full coverage with other intervenants is roughly 07:00-24:00 GMT which seems to satisfactorily cover the greatest part of Bisq’s users (BTC/EUR is our biggest pair).

Numbers : ~25 support/discourse, ~15/slack, 3/IRC, 8/reddit, 2/github. Total : 53  (+10/june)
I point that the reddit number concerns only the last week of july. So maybe there is potential there. 
(I try to notice the support demands day by day, but atm I don’t see any real strong pattern emerging.)
Activity summary : 
(Slack has no summary, neither GH for the comments, neither the Freenode IRC.)

Some little things to add (relatively to previous month) :
- when I can, I try to also answer potential contributors questions, at least to guide them in the Bisqland map
- when there is a support thread where somebody more competent than me is already answering, I deliberately avoid jumping in (except if I have really something to add)
- there are questions concerning windows, since I have 0 computer running windows, I’m often unable to help,
- I may be wrong on some cases, it’s a good thing when more competent contributors correct me
See also @alexej996  2018.07 report above which I fully support.
I rereaded @cbeams  own 2018.01 report (and others), and I agree that, even if demanding, support (and guidance in Bisqland) are very educative tasks.

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