[bisq-network/proposals] Increase BSQ trading fee to get to 0.4% (#103)

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Fri Jul 19 11:43:21 UTC 2019

In Param.java the start values have been defined. The current value is what was the outcome of voting, its dynamic data. Yes after the vote result the new parameter is applied in the next cycle.

The fees are the amount in BTC or BSQ per 1 BTC trade. With BSQ you need to convert it with the BSQ/BTC price to get a % related to the BTC trade amount.

Current BTC maker fee: 0.002 BTC (0.2%) -> 0.002 BTC of a 1 BTC trade is 0.2%
Current BSQ maker fee: 8 BSQ (0,0625%) -> 8 BSQ is about 0,0008 BTC (@0.0001 BTC/BSQ price) -> 0,0008 BTC of a 1 BTC trade is 0.08%. The 0,0625% above was estimated with USD... As BSQ prices is a moving factor here the % will be not exact.

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