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Fri Mar 15 13:03:37 UTC 2019

I like Bisq. I recommend Bisq. But currently it's frustrating to the point I don't want to use it anymore.

The problem:

You've done everything right (or you think you did) - but the trade doesn't go through for days and days and days. You don't know whats the problem and you can't do anything to get any info.  You have one week to get more and more frustraded.  

No solutions: 

- Early Arbitration - it's not wanted during the waiting phase. It's overkill and most often not needed.
- Posting your problem with all the ids to the public forum - a joke for an exchange that wants be anon.

A solution:

A means of communication between the two trading partners during the trade. Preferably a chat or messaging window inside bisq.

Examples of what happened:

Bought BTC with SEPA transfer. Waiting one day. 2 days. 3 days. Nothing. Getting frustrated. Feeling helpless. Whats wrong? I realized i made a mistake. Accidentally chose the wrong account, which will send the money. Is that the problem? Yes? No? Should I start arbitration? Do I have to wait one week? In the end I got the BTC after 6 days. Why so long? I have no idea. Did this for a friend. He said: "Bisq is sh... won't use it anymore"

A trade which is not resolved right now:
Bought BTC with SEPA. Sender and receiver bank accounts are in the same country. I'm sure I made everything right. Amount, account, trade id on sepa transfer. Hope the next day I have the BTC. Next day: Nothing. Second day: Nothing. Restarted Bisq 20 times: Nothing. Restarted PC 5 times: Nothing. Googled the receiver of the money: Tech guy at a university. Fraud chance: Very low. Handling problem on his side: Very low. Third day: Nothing. What can I do? Wait 7 days? A joke. Post everything publicly into the forum? A joke. Start arbitration? I can't, he can release the BTC during the next 4 days. I'm frustrated and start to hate bisq because it's unusable -  although I love it. 

What I want to do:

Ask the money receiver:

Hey did you get the money?
Did you tell bisq you received the money?

If he doesn't answer, I know theres a problem with him.
If he says he didn't receive the money, I know what the problem is
If he says he received the money but couldn't release the BTC in bisq, I know what the problem is
If he says he released the BTC 2 days ago - I know it's a software problem.

I can wait if I know what the problem is.

But the 7 days without communication are just unacceptable.

Some random technical thoughts about the chat:

- The chat should be visible for maker, taker - and in case of arbitration for the arbitrator

- The chat should be either an entity of the trade (separate chat for each trade) or an entity of the trader (one chat per trader) 

- One general chat with each trader would bring possibility to propose a trade later on after a successful trade.   

- For anon concerns: An option to auto-delete the chat xx days after completion of the trade

- For anon concerns: A button to delete the chat right now on YOUR OWN machine/account/tor-node

- Arbitrator should be able to read the chat in arbitration even if it was deleted by maker and/or taker.

- If trader has anon concerns with the chat, there could be a trade or trader option: "I do not accept chats" - which is visible before you enter a trade.   

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