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Manfred Karrer notifications at github.com
Sat Mar 16 17:33:06 UTC 2019

No it is the security deposit for the buyer and for the seller. The maker or taker aspect is irrelevant. I know it is a bit confusing as the maker if he is the buyer he sets the desposit for himself.
The reasoning behind making the buyers security deposit adjustable is because only the buyer can "bail out" of the trade by not starting the fiat or altcoin payment. If price moves against him in volatile markets he has economic incentive to not do the trade but prefer to lose the security deposit.
For now we leave it to the maker to adjust that risk exposure as he usually know if the market is more volatile. If he is the buyer and he sets a high deposit he gives a signal to a taker that he is unlikely to "bail out".

In future we want to have it automated by the volatility of the coin, but that is a bit more effort, so atm we delegatet that work to the maker. But as I see (repeatadely) that it is very confusing we should prioritize that effort to get that set automated and the maker does not need to worry anymore about that.

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