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Aleksej Jocic notifications at github.com
Mon May 20 15:31:59 UTC 2019

## 2019.4 report

Unfortunately I was busy last few weeks and wasn't at my PC to make a report for April at beginning of this month. I did write down the issues we had during April while providing support on the forum and Slack.

There was a sudden rise in BTC fees at a very beginning of April that caused some issues for Bisq users. However around 12th of April the real issues began for out users when chargebacks started to take place. Luckily devs responded quite quickly and released 3 new versions since then.

Last two of releases limited newer users to smaller trade limits. Of course this confused and annoyed some users and brought a lot of questions on the forum and other platforms.

There where also general questions in April on how to buy BSQ, as currently you need to copy your BSQ address from one screen to the other to create an Altcoin account to start trading BSQ.
Perhaps in future this could be automated, as BSQ and BTC are only wallets Bisq supports. Trading between these two currencies can be made very simple which would benefit the DAO and stability of BSQ price.

Also I would like to note that a user named **huey** was really helpful on the forum during last month. Providing support to new users and anyone with any issues with Bisq.

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