[bisq-network/proposals] Trust-Minimizing Solution for Onboarding New Bisq Users Without BTC Ownership (Nocoiners) (#214)

dav1dpgit notifications at github.com
Sun Apr 19 09:37:56 UTC 2020

> First step in the process is the buyer revealing his/her account details to which the BTC seller sends an invoice
> @dav1dpgit Could you clarify this invoicing process please? How would it work? Thanks.

I can detail on a payment mechanism-by-payment mechanism basis, but overall I see the flow as follows:

Nocoiner buyer identifies an onboarding trade on Bisq, lifts the offer which causes Bisq to automatically send the buyer's information to that seller for that specific payment mechanism (say for example, Revolut.)

The seller receives the buyer's details and goes to her app to find that buyer and send him an invoice to pay her (https://blog.revolut.com/split-bills-instantly-with-revolut/).  Buyer then confirms (in Bisq) receipt of the invoice in Revolut and makes payment to the seller.

Seller confirms payment of the cash and proceeds on through the normal Bisq settlement process.

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