[bisq-network/bisq] Add local Bitcoin node configuration detection (#3982)

dmos62 notifications at github.com
Mon Feb 17 23:02:34 UTC 2020

dmos62 commented on this pull request.

>          // unless the useTorForBtc parameter is explicitly provided.
         // On testnet there are very few Bitcoin tor nodes and we don't provide tor nodes.
+        // TODO bug. Non-critical, apparently.
+        // Sometimes this method, which queries LocalBitcoinNode for whether or not there's a
+        // usable local Bitcoin node, is called before LocalBitcoinNode has performed its
+        // checks. This was noticed when LocalBitcoinNode was refactored to return
+        // Optional<Boolean> istead of boolean, an empty Optional signifying that the relevant
+        // check has not yet been performed.
+        //
+        // To keep the method's behaviour unchanged, until a fix is implemented, we use
+        // Optional.orElse(false). Here 'false' normally means that the checks were performed
+        // and a suitable local Bitcoin node wasn't found.
+        var usableLocalNodePresent = localBitcoinNode.isUsable().orElse(false);

This is the bug I mentioned.

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