[bisq-network/proposals] Adjust BSQ trading fees each cycle to be 60% of BTC trading fees using 30 day average (#173)

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Fri Jan 24 17:48:41 UTC 2020

@huey735 The problem is that for it to be dynamic you need a distributed source of BTC/BSQ price. This might not be impossible since BSQ is colored BTC, but that would only work after we have atomic swaps for the BTC/BSQ trading. That's something we could probably do reasonably easy and perhaps it should be prioritized to get more people to use BSQ.

With that price data it would be possible to get an on chain price feed for BSQ and thus it would be possible to create a 30 day average. Problem is that it would be very easy to paint the tape for this feed, just do some big self trades and suddenly the BSQ price is 10 times the market value, and your fee is a 10th of what it should be.

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