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Thu Jun 18 01:19:33 UTC 2020

### **Cycle 14 Report**
Total Cases in this Cycle: 38
Still open: 10
Closed: 28

> Because we need to do these reports in the middle of the voting period I think it is worth to just update the reports once the next report is done.

I agree with this proposal and I will analyze the cycle up until today, will update it at the end of such cycle with the remaining information.

- 35% Banking issues (Revolut, Zelle, SEPA)

- 15% both parties agreed to cancel

- 35% BTC seller took longer to answer/make the payment

- 15% Unexperience, parties unsure of how the process works

This cycle we've had a considerable amount of issues with Revolut between @Bisq-knight and me, the problem relies on revolut not recognizing some of the phone numbers as having accounts on the platform. Usually the accounts are fairly new. The solution we've suggesting is creating a payment link/ using the username (@example) or if none of these work just making a normal transfer using the IBAN revolution provides.

Another pending issue is the problem with users who never respond and trades end up going to arbitration which makes no sense for the other party that often has done everything correctly. Similarly a BTC seller may release the funds after 10 days with no penalty at all, there must be some way to control this.

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