[bisq-network/proposals] Proposal to increase trade deposit to 30% (#233)

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Sun Jun 28 11:25:50 UTC 2020

An offer on Bisq is an option and needs to be treated as such. 
Ignoring this fact will simply destroy Bisq since there will be no sellers (who will lose money)
if the security deposit is too low compared with the correct “price” of the option.
Instant trades are no exception but are cheaper since the option is short.
It may well be that the low trading activity on Bisq is because the default security deposit is too low.

Having the security deposit cleanly visible in the offer book might work since sellers that take or offer
too cheap options will learn the hard way what an option is. 
Traders that want extra assurance that the contract will be honoured can then offer or take 
high security-deposit offers. Traders that accept the risk of default of the payer can take the cheap options
and “save” money. The market will quickly find out the correct security deposit.

The present default security deposit is too low in volatile times and might kill Bisq.

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