[bisq-network/projects] Migrate Bisq pricenodes from earn.com fee estimation API to our own self-hosted mempool fee estimation API service (#27)

softsimon notifications at github.com
Mon May 4 14:10:09 UTC 2020

> I'm not sure what advantages mempool.space has over getting estimates via 

`estimatesmartfee`; can you comment?
I am not quite sure how estimatesmartfee operates, but mempool.space uses a fully mempool based fee estimation while most traditional estimators are based on probability.
I personally and many people have reached out and told me they mostly get lower fees by checking mempool space for the next block fee. The mempool based estimation is very dynamic and updates as new blocks and transactions come in so if there's several blocks in a row within a short time span that will clear out high fee transactions, the fee suggestions will immediately drop. One downside currently is that it's not able to predict accurately into the future above 2-3 blocks (20-30 minutes) away.

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