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huey735 notifications at github.com
Tue Jul 9 16:26:42 UTC 2019

@erciccione due to Jekyll (or my understand of it) certain files need to stay on certain folders so I figured it'd be better to keep them next to original and just add the suffix "_tr" to highlight that they're the translated versions. And these files won't relate to a single language.
The "_tr" files inside /_data will include all the translations for each language each and those inside /_includes will have the English text replaced with Liquid tags pointing them to the respective .yml language file inside /_data.
And this is just for the .html and .yml files. There will still exist language folders in the root for each language. Inside them you'll find the copy of the translated files and images. This isn't up to date but it may give you a sense of the architecture I had in mind - https://github.com/huey735/huey735.github.io

I'm still learning Jekyll and Liquid and I followed this suggested method  - sylvaindurand.org/making-jekyll-multilingual/. It seems less intrusive than other methods available for translation. I've been looking at them and maybe in the future with a reconstruction of the website other methods will be more appropriate.

> I think they should be kept in english.
Maybe we should have a vote on this. I think this has gone back and forward a couple times.

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